Merchandise Credits

Description of Merchandise Credits offered to all buyers


Redeem the credits for free stamps.

The program is very simple. You earn merchandise credits on every order of two or more items. For every 15 items you buy you earn a free item valued at the price of the least expensive item purchased. You accumulate credits on every order of two or more items.

Example: You place an order for 10 items. 10 is 66.7% of 15. Your lowest priced item is $0.40. 66.7% of $0.40 is $0.27. You accumulate a credit of $0.27.

If you place more than one order within a short time, they will be combined for the purpose of shipping and calculating the Merchandise Credit.

This applies to Stamp purchases only. 


To redeem your accumulated credits (or a portion thereof), you must do so with an order of two or more items. Simply place an order of two or more items and add one or more items that you wish to receive for your accumulated credits. Do not purchase the items like the rest of your order. Just let me know what they are and I will delete them. The maximum price of a free item is $5.00.

There is no time limit on how long you can accumulate credits.

This is an automatic program. We have been accumulating credits to eligible buyers since August 2022.


Merchandise credits can be earned for purchases from any of our internet stores. These are our current stores: (username: Jimjih) (username: Jimih) (username: JamesLonzia) (username: Jimjih)